Thanks EC40+

Dear racers ,

On behave of the Raco2000 crew we would like to thank you all for your support and attendance during the EC40+ European championship.
We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate our newly crowned EC40+ European champions Michael Salven, Julius Kolf and Roy Bakker.

To organize an event at this scale requires weeks of hard work, sweat, tears and dedication. But the comments we received thus far from some of you proved to us that is all worthwhile

In particular We would like to thank the following persons
Raymond houtman#nomac
Marcus Wincler RC, Javier Garcia #efra 
Mari van den Broek #DutchRCTimekeeping
Bjarne Høllund the NR 1 Announcer who with his voice really made a difference , and he created such positive vibe on the track!! 
With this all said , we would like to give thanks to in our opinion to the most important persons responsible for this unique event , our Raco2000 volunteers they have been working as a team the last few months building the new resurfaced track and setting it up for the EC40+ event

We hope that you enjoyed your time at our track!

Again big thanks to you all ,and hope to see you soon !


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