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Race report by Martijn van der Heijden
Last weekend there was the last race (number 6) of the Dutch Championship, held on the track of Raco2000 in Utrecht. The track has got a very nice lay out, but some places are very bumpy, so you have to drive very carefully.

Saturday was the day for find the perfect set up for the car. It was nice weather and a good atmosphere. After a full day of training the most drivers had find a good setup and have checked where the bumps on the track are.

Sunday the weather was also very good. After 3 qualifiers the top 3 off every class was:

Stock 13.5
1. Sybrand de Boer
2. Rob Janssen
3. Rick van den Akker – XRAY T4

Formula 21.5
1. Jitse Miedema – XRAY X1
2. Daan Schuuring – XRAY X1
3. Martijn van der Heijden – XRAY X1

After the Sunny lunch break the triple finals for everyone were held. There were in both classes very nice battles. In the first Formula final it was Jitse and Daan who were fighting for the top spot, but after 7 minutes is was Jitse who finished first, before Daan and Martijn. Also the second and third final it was Jitse who was the fastest so he had a clean sweep. Martijn had twice a second spot and Daan twice a third spot.


Formula result:
1. Jitse Miedema – XRAY X1
2. Martijn van der Heijden – XRAY X1
3. Daan Schuuring – XRAY X1

In the stock class it was Sybrand who was the man to beat. But all finals he came in first. It was a hard fight for the second and third spot. The first final it was Rick (XRAY) who took the second spot and Rob the third spot. The second final it was Rob who took the second spot and Rick the third spot. The last final decided who became second and third. After the start it was Rob who was on the second spot and Rick was following him on only 2 meters. But Rick was waiting for the right time to overtake Rob and finally after 4 minutes Rick was overtaking 

Rob and could drive away. So Rick became second and Rob third.14409445_1105490239488088_683668969543956074_o


Stock result:
1. Sybrand de Boer
2. Rick van den Akker – XRAY T4
3. Rob Janssen

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